Stencil Concrete Applications

Our specialization and experience in the field, guaranty perfection.

Stencil Concrete Applications is focused in the development and expansion of the Stencil technique worldwide.
Since 2014, our company is the only one that produces all necessary high quality materials, committed in research and development of new techniques and methods, exploring advanced applications in outdoor and indoor flooring.
As a result, we have created the Stencil Application Method, a cohesive and comprehensive set of guidelines and rules, which precisely define the technical specifications of materials, as well as the procedure of delivering a flawless Stencil floor.

There are several factors to be considered prior to the construction of a project, such as:

  • The use of it
  • Time and place
  • Prevailing temperatures during construction
  • Exposure to climatic conditions
  • Resistance to mechanical stresses
  • Selection of the appropriate raw materials
  • Specifications for the construction of the sub-base
  • Technical skills, expertise and competence of construction team
  • Quality assurance of the project

Therefore …
we invite you to The affordable luxury of Stencil Flooring Systems.